Who is Erica?

I am the girl completely in love with Tyler Thomas Nesbitt.

I am the daugher of Jarrod and Julie Bartholomew, and I have two wonderful sisters Melissa (19) and Olivia (15).  And then of course, my puppy Tank.

I will be graduating from Cedarville University this May with a degree in Organizational Communication.  Cedarville has been an incredible part of my life and growth in Christ. 

A huge part of my life has been the sport of volleyball.  I played volleyball all four years at Cedarville, and definitely look to coach in the future.  It is a great ministry! 

I live in Ames, IA where my dad is a pastor at Cornerstone Church of Ames.

I love to be with people and to find ways to put a smile on the face of others! 

Who is Tyler?

I am the son of Troy and Pam Nesbitt, and I have four sisters! -  Rachel (26) who is married to Jesse Antelman (they just had my nephew Brody!), Renee (25) who is married to Josh Peterson, Trisha (22) engaged to Jarryd Cole, and Morgan who is 20.  I also have two awesome brothers we adopted from Ethiopia five and a half years ago.  Malachi is the oldest at age 9, and Trey is age 7.  

I have had the priviledge of working for Haverkamp Properties as the landscape manager for the last two years, as well as serve as an Escape 22 (youth group) small group leader. 

This last year I bought a house that will soon become Erica's home.  It is just seconds from the church, and has some beautiful property where my dog, Bo, loves to run and play. 

And last but definitely not least, I truly believe that I am the most blessed man on the planet, and that is because I get to marry Erica Lyn Bartholomew.  I love that girl. 



Our Story

**blog written by Erica**


It was last March, and everyone was getting geared up for Spring Break.  I, on the other hand was heading to Iowa- and not happily I might add- Iowa vs. Florida... and Iowa won. 
Sunday of Spring break, I went to Cornerstone Church of Ames, to check out where my dad would be ministering.  And there I met Troy Nesbitt (Tyler's dad).  We talked for simply 10 minutes- and he then emailed my dad telling him that he had a 22 year old son who was single.  My dad then rebuttled with, "I have a 20 year old daughter who is single."
- Let the plotting begin- 
Our dads then made sure that Tyler and I would meet each other.  So Thursday night of Spring Break, at Cornerstone's college ministry, I met Tyler.  Our ten minute conversation consisted of debating about whose father was a better preacher... needless to say, we agreed to disagree. :)
So I left that night thinking, "He was cute, funny, and friendly... but there is no way this will work out... I mean, our dads set it up.."  Then my phone buzzed.  
"What did you think of my son?"- Troy
"He was nice, good-looking, and funny." -Me
"He has great hair, a boat, a great job, he loves Jesus, and he's single." -Troy
"Well, I have been told that I have great hair, my full-time job is volleyball, I love Jesus, and I am single." - Me (laughing the whole time)
Then 2 days later... the classic "Facebook Request." Then the facebook messaging... then asking for the number... then texting... and then! - - As I was on the phone with my mom, telling her that Tyler needed to call me soon because just texting was getting old, he called!  He called to tell me he asked permission from my dad  to take me on a date over Easter break.  "YES!"
So Easter break came- we had 2 all-day dates :)  Long talks, time with each other's family, throwing the football... And I quickly realized, "I could fall in love with this guy."  
School finished out, with Tyler and I Skyping every night.  He flew out to pick me up from school and drive me home.  A day before we left, we went to Red Lobster, and decided to go to a park.  After finding out the that GPS' definition of a park was a kiddy slide- we found a park with a path to walk on and benches placed around a lake.  We sat down on a bench and Tyler pulled out an envelope... a card from my parents, giving their permission and blessing for us to be "official."  So there it was - Tyler Nesbitt asked me to be his girlfriend :) 
Three weeks later, he told me he loved me.  2 months later (July) I told him I loved him. "When ya know, ya know!" :) 
January 17, 2013- Tyler asked me to marry him! and of course I said YES! 
There is so much more to this God-written love story and we can't wait to see where He takes us! 


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